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My Sisters Tits

Do you like tits? Do you like your sister? Do you like your sister's tits? Well if you do then you have some problems. You sick freak. This site is about a band called My Sisters Tits. Its just a band site, not some freaky site with naughty pictures of your sister. Although that is something we all would like to see.

This band has a real complicated story to it. The members are real, although the story may have been changed to protect those involved. The site you have entered may scare you, it may frighten you, but most of all... it will humor you. HAHAHAHA(sinsiter laugh).
So come on in. Look around. Have some fun. But most importantly, dont get lost.  If you do there is no comeing back from the My Sisters Tits Zone. Dun Dun Dun!


The Band:

Tommy: everything